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The WIDE Pacific Ocean...


Mother's Day

Some things about my mum & why she rocks:

1. She knows how to be fun and be a kid at heart

2. She has lived in Ontario since Sept '07

3. She has a funny sense of humour

4. She rock climbs and does yoga

5. She is a really good friend

6. She knows how to have a good time

7. She loves animals, especially bears8. She has good taste in music

9. She is nuturing

10. She is on an adventure

11. She is flexible

12. She's not a complainer

13. She is calming

14. She would probably be a bird if she could

15. She is free-spirited

16. She is entertaining after a glass or two of wine

17. She has a soft relaxing voice

18. She is giving

19. She appreciates nature

20. She knows how much I miss her