Best Swimming Spot on the Sunshine Coast

It is rare on the Coast that you are able to find a beach where there isn't seaweed and barnicles covering rocks (making it often difficult to even reach the water). A few pebble beaches we frequent are great but nothing compares to pure sand. 

There is an amazing sandy beach near our house that we discoverd this weekend. It is now officially my favourite place to go swimming on the Coast... a lovely reminder of just how lucky we really are to live where we do. When the tide is out, there is not one spot in the water (that we found) where you encounter a rock while wading out to the deeper waters. The sandbars reminded me of days when I was a kid growing up in the tide-pools and sands of White Rock Beach. 

Being a water-sign, I am always happiest on a beach, in the ocean and soaking up the sunshine. It is places like this that make me feel as if we've been on vacation all weekend... even in our own backyard. 

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